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What is real? What is virtual? Does it matter? Writers, artists can explore those spaces and breathe life into the ghosts of the past. And even those of the future. How is it that the human mind can find itself in the thrall of past, present, future and even mythical lives and events? How do we feel real and immediate sensory impulses moving through our bodies and our minds? Writers and artists transmit sharp and often dry insights, insights which cause that sudden gasp, that wry or explosive laughter, that shriek that says, "Oh, I get it!"

For me, writers such as Margaret Atwood and Isabel Allende are spirit guides to other spaces, other lives. Other writers such as Charmian Clift and Alan Bennett, cast new light on those mundane, accepted realities we live day by day. And Laurie Lee sprinkles magic across those often bitter-sweet memories and images. Ultimately, these writers have given me Permission. Permission to write the way I want to. And of that which is important to me, my friends, my family and those readers who share a common connection with my stories.

"Write what should not be forgotten." Isabel Allende.

COPYRIGHT: Magz Morgan 2018

Margaret Atwood in interview. My Canadian muse and spirit guide.

Patricia Routledge channelling one of Alan Bennett's British women.

Australian artist Jacqui Stockdale (my mentor and artistic, spiritual guide) showed this video as part of her works "This is No Fantasy" at the Adelaide Biennale 2016.

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