In the end, we'll all become stories

-- Margaret Atwood

                                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR  -  MAGZ MORGAN  


As an army brat raised in Europe and Canada, I thought little of travelling vast distances to foreign shores. The Australia that confronted me in the early 1970s brought me up short. It was foreign terrain and raised unexpected feminist and cultural issues. It made me look inwards and question relationships I had--until then--taken for granted.

     I knew nothing of the history that had propelled me there, nothing of the way the women of my family had struggled to hold their families together and claim their independence. This was a hidden story; a narrative whose details had been ignored or erased from our family history.

     In the beginning, I wanted to write about the experience of the awful tide of women and children in our world today, who are impacted by war and social upheaval. I felt outraged that men get all the glory, all the recognition, while women are invisible, written out of history.

      As each day passed, reflecting, writing--I unearthed a deeper, more intimate story.   

      Above all, I want to honour the courage and resilience women bring to their lives and hand on to their families.


As depicted clockwise, the authors in the images below are my spirit guides:

Allan Bennett (top left 'in drag'), Charmian Clift, Laurie Lee, then Isabel Allende 

and Margaret Atwood posted either side of me.

These five authors reflect the diverse life sources and experiences I draw on.

They 'give me permission' to contribute to the chorus of voices writing and rewriting the world.




'Fair Game' in the 2019 WWC anthology.  Melbourne Writers Group Anthology: A Winter Selection of Short Stories

'Very touching. Anyone who has ever come close to such an encounter will relate...Also felt deeply sorry for Sally. A really good read'Amanda Burchell, WWC 9th June, 2019.

Journeys in Peace Education: Critical Reflections from Australia, ed. Toh. Swee-Hin, University of New England – Contributor.  

               Write what should not be forgotten

  - Isabel Allende

         A voice is  a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human                speech as possible.  Powerlessness and silence go together 

- Margaret Atwood


                       The 2017 Writers, Readers and Poets weekend (WRAP17)                          

was thrilled to welcome the contribution of Magz Morgan to our ever growing list of writers.

Magz' short stories formed the backbone of our new event, Open Can of Words in which authors are invited to step up to the microphone and win over an unruly cafe crowd with their insight and humour.  In Magz'5 stories both these qualities and many others are available in spades. A particularly effective story was her recounting a visit to Cuba and some robust banter with impatient German women in the toilet. Along with raised eyebrows, there were also many wry smiles of agreement in the room.

Magz was also a popular guest at WRAP17 poetry events including her public reading at Beechworth Post Office, in which she reflected on the art of writing to an enthralled local audience, and readings at Pennyweight winery, where her more dramatic and romantic words gained an airing. In this current era of social media and associated over-sharing of life's trivialities. it's not fashionable to talk about the grandeur and sheer beauty of romantic language but Magz' dramatic rendition of her own work proves that there is still a welcome space for such a style in poetry.

-- Daren John Pope,  Vice-President,  Beechworth Arts Council

About Canadian Jam and the Magic of Martha Jiminez

'It is our pleasure to publish your article  [on our website] and to admire such a beautiful story.' - Martha Jiminez, Cuban artist working in sculpture, ceramics and paint.  (Jan. 2017)