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Magz Morgan writes short stories, poetry, social commentary and makes art. Her stories such as Fair Game and Surviving Winter and the New Chevrolet have appeared in anthologies by the World Writers’ Collective.

Early life as an army brat on military bases in the UK, Canada and Germany informs her writing, most of which looks out at the world through the eyes of girls and women. Anne Frank has been her spirit guide from early life. 

Magz holds degrees in Languages and in Peace and Development Education and has worked and delivered workshops in Australia and the Philippines.


Magz (centre, bottom) channels the energy of her favourite authors when

seeking inspiration: 

Top L - R Alan Bennett for British women, Charmian Clift for the Australia-Greece-arts connection, Laurie Lee for English village life

Bottom L Isabel Allende for passion, feminism and social justice, R Margaret Atwood for Canada and the feminist perspective.


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