Magz Morgan owes her multi-cultural, multi-lingual qualities to an early life as an army brat on military bases in the UK, Canada and Europe. She eventually made landfall in the wonderful cultural heart of Australia - Melbourne. 

Besides writing historical fiction, she makes art and writes short stories and  poetry. Most of her narratives look out at the world through the eyes of

girls and women.


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The Ties that Strangle  


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Write what should not be forgotten

  - Isabel Allende













Pictured clockwise, above, are my spirit guides: Alan Bennett for his portrayal of British women, Charmian Clift for her insight into Australian life from the Greek Island of Hydra, Laurie Lee for his depiction of English village life, Margaret Atwood for her depiction of Canadian girlhood in Cat's Eye, and Isabel Allende for her passion.


                                                              Short stories

Fair Game, 2019 and Blood and the Waterbaby, 2021 -  Melbourne Writers Group Anthology: A Winter Selection of Short Stories

 Of Fair Game, a reviewer said, 'Very touching. Anyone who has ever come close to such an encounter will relate[…] A really good read'


         Writers, Readers and Poets weekend (WRAP17) 2017                      

'I was thrilled to welcome the contribution of Magz Morgan to our ever growing list of writers.

Magz' short stories formed the backbone of our new event, Open Can of Words. [...] 
Magz was also a popular guest at WRAP17 poetry events including her public reading at Beechworth Post Office, in which she reflected on the art of writing to an enthralled local audience, and readings at Pennyweight winery...' 

-- Daren John Pope,  Vice-President,  Beechworth Arts Council

Canadian Jam and the Magic of Martha Jiminez

'It is our pleasure to publish your article  [on our website] and to admire such a beautiful story.' - Martha Jiminez, Cuban artist working in sculpture, ceramics and paint.  (Jan. 2017)   

       A voice is  a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human                speech as possible.  Powerlessness and silence go together 

- Margaret Atwood