Three years ago, the 'Biloela family' were rounded up in the night by the 'authorities', after years of hard work, perfect citizenry, and counter to the wishes of their Queensland town. Their new accommodation? An isolated empty detention centre on Christmas Island, no explanations given.

Meanwhile, the federal government has chosen to outsource this facility at a cost of $6 million to taxpayers. This week after a delay of 10 days, their three-year-old daughter flew to Australia with her mother for life-saving treatment for pneumonia and subsequent septicaemia. Her father and five-year-old sister were left behind.

This is family separation and trauma--like the American 'children in cages' outrage.

Before Australia mud-slings at other regimes, like China, we need to clean up our act.

This poem reflects the terrible damage done to our shared humanity, to our brothers and sisters; to refugees, asylum seekers and indigenous peoples around the world.

The coloniser mentality still prevails and by our silence, and our blindness, born of privilege--we are all complicit. Until we all witness to this, we can never heal.

Australia was built on white slavery (portrayed as the 'convict' myth) and black genocide. Now is not the time to look away.

Refugees, asylum seekers, indigenous peoples lived it. They live it still.

If this trend continues, we and our democracy, are all in peril.


Small daily acts committed

with intent

with stroke of pen

with rubber stamp.

with wry, ‘Our hands are tied’.

From the Top,

the chain of command,

orders pass.

‘Our hands are washed’, they smirk.

‘It’s not our responsibility,’ they proclaim.

Human lives signed away

corraled, imprisoned, shunted,

by cowed ‘its-my-job’ officials

camouflaged in suits,

emotion lobotomised.

Shielded behind Entitilement,

bureaucrats channel Nazis.

Day by day, minute by minute,

seeping, congealing, festering—

their deeds slither under our radar.

Their toxic presence grows—

until the whole horror show

coalesces, congeals,

becomes concrete,

Walls us in—all of us.

Australia: never look away.

Copyright -- Magz Morgan, June 2021

CLICK on this link to watch a clip of the award-winning German film, Never Look Away:

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin: the walls rise and close in gradually

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