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2: THE GIFT OF BEING A NOBODY: Alan Bennett, his poets and "The Diary of a Nobody"

October 31, 2018

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Not In Your Line of Vision

February 15, 2020


Sitting on the edge our bed, you stared at your iPad. 


   'What?’ you said. 


   ‘I said…can you give me a lift?’ 


   ‘Yeah, yeah. Just don’t hold me up.’

   I paced around. Should I say something? Better not. My intestines churned; lava rose behind my eyes. I grabbed my shopping bag, slamming the door behind me. Deep breaths. The cool air slowed my pulse. Raising my arm, I looked at my watch. I should have caught the bus. 




‘So…where do you want to go?’ Your attention was fixed on the rear-view mirror.


   ‘Not far…to the…’




  ‘To the corner of High…’


  ‘Just tell me…Fuck you too!’ You glared at the driver in the adjacent car.


  ‘Let me out here…’ I turned my head away, my cheeks tear-stained. 


Did you see me on the day we said, ‘I do’?--Do you see me now? 





                                COPYRIGHT:  Magz Morgan 2020
















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