MWC 2019 Anthology Launch: A "Happening"

A Winter Selection of Short Stories

On Saturday October 12th, the Belgian Beer Cafe at Southbank set the scene. Storytellers from the Melbourne World Writers' Collective took the spotlight and story-loving enthusiasts came along to celebrate our great new anthology.

Those of us who are hooked on writing, may discover that we are in illustrious company. Here are a few reasons why we write:

"A word after a word after a word, is power."

- Margaret Atwood

"Books are not about passing time. They are about other lives, other worlds." - Alan Bennett

"All my family were tremendous liars and inventors and embroiderers... It didn’t seem like lying exactly, but just rearranging and augmenting a little to get a richer or more dramatic or more unusual effect.”

- Charmian Clift

"Write what should not be forgotten."

- Isabel Allende

With this wind under our wings, the afternoon was powered along by readings from the collection, including Sand and Locusts by Christie Heart, Changing Winds by Jo Stanford and The Role Model by Kerry Sharp. You can read my contribution, Fair Game, here. Raffles and prizes further contributed to the sparkling afternoon.

Many thanks to fellow-authors and convenors Mat Clarke and Jim Pletch for organising the event and keeping things rolling along!

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