I grieve a blighted country

A land of franking credits *

Of toxic sexist comments

Of greedy lying twits

I grieve their cyber-fake and fears

I grieve the lost good name

The wasted young, the working poor

The howls of: shame shame shame

I’d love a cooler country

A land of visionary bent,

Where multi-coloured leaders bold

The rainbow serpent heed,

And all of these both young and old

No shifty sellout plan,

But proud proclaim our Dreamtime theme:

We’re all visitors to this land.

*NOTE: Australian shareholders get a refund of the taxes paid by the company, known as “franking credits”. In the recent national election, the removal of this benefit was used as a fear tactic by the now-winning party. In fact, for most people this was a red herring.

Indigenous elders, educators and children from Children's Ground

in Alice Springs.

An inspiring documentary that should be seen by anyone who doubts we already have the resources to make the necessary changes.

What we need is the WILL.

Screen it in schools and community gatherings EVERYWHERE.

Copyright: Magz Morgan 2019

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