Not-So-Tranquil Adelaide

I fell hard as I ran across the park one oven-hot March afternoon. My right leg whacked against two tree roots blanketed in drought-affected debris. I found out then, that a music festival is not always fun and South Australia's capital, Adelaide is not always tranquil.

Passers-by helped me up and brought me an ice-pack. Nothing seemed to be broken and my favorite Chilean artist would soon perform. I fretted over the ice-pack but the St John's team whisked me off to their tent behind the stage. Swearing I was able-bodied, I quickly escaped and huddled under a shady tree in front of the stage. As dusk drew in, the concert progressed and the circumference of my leg doubled and redoubled in direct relation to the pain. As I shivered and shook, my teeth chattered violently until St John's handed me that Australian invention, the miracle pain-killing-laughter-inducing inhaler, "the green whistle."

"We've called an ambulance, dear. It shouldn't be long." My cell phone flashed MORGAN. My husband.

"(Loud groans). Call the hotel reception. Injured my shoulder. I'm on the floor. Can't reach the phone."

At Royal Adelaide Hospital, the emergency crew laughed (along with me), "Odd. Two Morgans in two minutes. Tell us your story again, Mrs Morgan?"

Copyright: Magz Morgan 2018

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