Let the Neurotic Symphony Orchestra fly you into the realms of mysterious Paris, gargoyles and Dystopia, on this dream-like music.....

Recently, I caught myself reflecting on visits to France, gargoyles and quite unexpectedly, channelling the macabre.

All of which set off alarm bells. Can a person actually 'OD' on Margaret Atwood???? Shouldn't I be sufficiently sated with the mad world of Oryx and Crake" of the MaddAddam trilogy?? But no, in foolhardy fashion, I plunged wantonly into her latest dystopic novel "The Heart Goes Last." (As if our recent election didn't flush out enough scattered dystopia!)

Well, personally, I am convinced that Canada's premier author, Margaret Atwood, can mess with a person's head. And judging by her wicked smile, she delights in stirring up our demons....

So there I was quite unsuspecting, looking forward to some tranquillity: innocently cutting, pasting and constructing. Jacqui Stockdale had provided us with guidance and a range of (gothic) materials at her most recent collage workshop at the Diane Tanzer Gallery ..... when Margaret Atwood quite literally reached out from Canada and messed with my brain. It was quite literally flooded with dystopic images! Judging by the "Flash mob installation" the group produced within the space of 3 hours, Monty Python and Salvador Dali must have crept in along with Jacqui's box of magic tricks.

For another little dose of Paris, my next couple of blogs are entitled, "A Descent on Paris à la Mary Poppins." I hope you will enjoy it!



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