The New Normal

is quiet --

Quiet as the eucalyptus forest 

after the firestorm,

after the loss of koala, kangaroo, birdsong,

and after the Murray-Darling shrivels, shrinks, subsides --

its once-languorous vein stretches tangled and dry.

Instead, upon its heat-cracked bed, 


So, at the last minute, Scottie our PM, graciously bestows his benevolence upon his subjects: a bulk fire-fighting package. We're talking: $$$, aircraft and personnel, all dispensed without any consultation or planning. Thousands of untrained army reserves promised ---...

January 2, 2020

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turn’d / 

Nor hell a fury like a woman scorn’d.” - William Congreve

Brandishing the newspaper, Medea swept down Melbourne’s grungy Gertrude Street on that hot sticky December morning. She could think of a lot of things she’d like t...

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